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Joerg Meerpohl, MD, meerpohl[@]
Britta Lang, PhD, MSc Science, lang[@]
Gerd Antes, PhD, antes[@]

Project Management

Lisa Schell, BSc, schell[@]

German Cochrane Centre
University Medical Center Freiburg (UMCF)

OPEN Project Office
German Cochrane Centre
Department of Medical Biometry and Statistics
Institute of Med. Biometry and Med. Informatics
University Medical Center Freiburg
Berliner Allee 29
79110 Freiburg / Germany
Tel:  +49 761 203 6715
Fax: +49 761 203 6712
E-mail: open[@]

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Content Responsibility
See Coordinators

Christa Bast
Cochrane Germany
Medical Center - University of Freiburg
Breisacher Str. 153, D-79110 Freiburg / GERMANY

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